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Reception Centre Open at Cloverdale Arena

If you are interested in helping out as an on-call reception centre responder, please fill in an application.

The Cloverdale Arena has been set up as a reception centre to support evacuees who have left the interior during this extraordinary wildfire season. The centre provides food, clothing and shelter for evacuees who have come to the lower mainland.

Like all Emergency Social Services (ESS) operations during the wildfire emergency, the centre is run mainly by ESS volunteers with support from resources province-wide who are focused on dealing the immediate needs of evacuees.
As of Monday, July 17, the centre had already registered over 700 people and 50 pets.

How do I help?

Anyone interested in volunteering at the reception centre should fill in an application and we will contact you to arrange training.

At this time, we do not require any supplies or donations at the centre. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Canadian Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

Canadian Red Cross can be reached toll free at 1-800-418-1111 or by email at Or you can donate directly through the Red Cross website.

Help Prevent Local Brush Fires

Surre Fire Service has already responded to over a hundred calls since May about brush and grass fires in our city. Please follow these simple rules to prevent local brush and grass fires:

  • NEVER dispose of cigarette butts out vehicle windows or on the ground - it is a ticketable offence.  Any burning or smoking related offences carry a fine of $200.
  • There is no burning, smoking or camping permitted in City of Surrey parks.
  • Open burning/backyard fires are not allowed in the City of Surrey. 
  • Charcoal barbeques are prohibited in City Parks and on City Beaches.

City of Surrey By-law Officers and Firefighters are on duty 7 days a week.

  • If you see a fire - dial 911.
  • For any by-law related issue contact 604-591-4370.