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Land Use Planning

Fleetwood Plan Update

Thank you to the everyone who took part in our spring 2020 online survey.  Check back shortly to review what we heard and for additional engagement opportunities.

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Envisioning Surrey Together

From neighbourhoods to city streets, parks to plazas, this is where our community lives. We work with the community to create vibrant and connected neighbourhoods where residents feel supported and engaged. Together we envision the future for each of the Surrey's distinct communities.

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Current Projects

Land use plans help to guide growth and plan for the future. Explore our ongoing land use plans and see how you can share your input:

Approved Land Use Plans

Approved land use plans are endorsed by Council to guide development across the City. Explore approved land use plans by community:

Land Use Planning Process

Planning in Surrey starts with the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Sustainability Charter. These provide the policy framework for the growth of our Surrey. Land use plans provide more specific details and development considerations for growing areas of the City. 

We use a five step process to develop land use plans. There are ongoing community engagement opportunities for each stage. After council initiates a planning process, we take the following steps:

  1. Getting Started: conduct background studies and develop a vision and principles
  2. Exploring Options: explore early ideas and land use options
  3. Developing the Plan: identify preferred plan features and develop a draft land use map
  4. Refining the Plan: develop servicing and financing plans and fine-tune land uses
  5. Completing the Plan: finalize plan document and seek Council endorsement

After all five steps are complete and there is Council approval, the plan is implemented. See our Land Use Planning Process for more detail.

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