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Preparing for an Emergency

People sitting in a group planning

Personal preparedness is the first step in Surrey's Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program.

We are providing the information and tools we think residents need to be as prepared as possible if a disaster does strike. Even one simple step now can help make a big difference in how well you and your loved ones cope with and recover after an emergency.

Also learn what to do in an emergency, including what to do if you need to evacuate and how to prepare for specific disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Two young girls packing a disaster homepack.

Personal Emergency Preparedness

Make sure you and your family are prepared for a disaster for at least 72 hours.

Room full of business files.

Business Preparedness

Prepare your business for a variety of emergencies.

Surrey Homes

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

Help prepare your neighbourhood to be self-sufficient in the event of a disaster.

Emergency prepardness package for the home

Preparing Your Emergency Supplies

Prepare for disasters and pack your disaster kit.

Hazard Barrel

Minimizing Hazards

Minimize hazards and risks in your home and at work to prevent damage and injury during disasters.