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We provide safe and clean drinking water to residents and businesses all throughout Surrey. Drinking water is provided to over 502,000 residents through a 1800 km watermain network.

For emergency situations like a watermain break or water service disruption contact us at 604-591-4152 during business hours 8:30am to 4:30pm. For after hour emergencies, call 604-591-4431.

Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

Learn about seasonal watering restrictions in Surrey and see how you are affected.

water timer installed on a hose

Water Timers

Purchase a programmable water timer to start conserving water and saving money.

rain barrel demonstration

Rain Barrels

Purchase a rain barrel through City Hall to start conserving water and saving money.

Drinking water from glass

Water Quality

Learn how we protect our drinking water and how to report an issue with your water quality.

Glass of water

Drinking Water Protection

Protect our drinking water through the City's Cross Connection Control Program.

Water main tie-in

Drinking Water Connections

Learn how to connect or disconnect from the City's water distribution system.

South Surrey Athletic Park Water Fill Station at 14600 22 Avenue

Water Fill Stations for Bulk Non-Potable Use

Find out where to find water fill stations in Surrey and how much they cost to use.

Frozen Water Lines

Find out what to do if your water line freezes.

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