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Land Development

Developing in Surrey

You must obtain proper approval from the City of Surrey if you want to develop or change the use of land in Surrey.

Land use policies and development requirements are set out in the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Bylaw and in other public documents. Find copies of these documents at City Hall or throughout this section.

If you're applying for a Building Permit and the property does not require a Development Permit, Rezoning or other development application, skip to Building and Construction.

Quattro building.

Land Development Process

Get an overview of planning stage of the land development process in Surrey.

A site under development in Surrey

Land Development Engineering

See the requirements needed to support land development & building permit projects in Surrey.

Engineering Inspection Services

Learn about engineering inspections for site construction and land development inspections.

A site under development in Surrey

Land Development & Building Online Services

Do more than 10 land development and building services online, and save a trip to City Hall.

Surrey enforcing the ESC Bylaw

Land Use Bylaws

Review development-related bylaws early in your development application process.

Inside of City Hall

Land Use Plans & Strategies

Learn use plans and strategies guide future development and help our city to grow and realize our goals as a community.

Coast Capital Building under construction

Development Statistics

Review City of Surrey's statistics related to building permits, rezoning, subdivision and development permits.

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Launch the newly released City Of Surrey Mapping Online System in beta and check out new features.

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Development Permit Areas

There are 4 Development Permit Areas where special requirements for development may require a permit

Building & Construction

Find information on permits, building, electrical & plumbing in Surrey.