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Elgin Estates Park

Walking path at Elgin Estates Park


3148 Northcrest Drive, Surrey BC

Primary access is from 144 Street at 34 Avenue, 140 Street at 34 Avenue and 141 Street at 29A Avenue.

About Elgin Estates Park

Elgin Estates Park is a large linear park that protects the majority of the Elgin Creek watershed.  The park is over 23 hectares (57 acres) in size and stretches almost 3 kilometres from Crescent Road in the north to Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest in the south.  Elgin Creek flows through the park from Sunnyside Acres north into the Nicomekl River.

Although most of the park is a natural area, there are a number of fantastic walking trails where you can explore the forest and spot salmon in the creek.

The trails in Elgin Estates Park provide great salmon viewing in the late summer and early fall months. Trail access can be found at various locations along 141 Street, south of 31A Avenue, as well as from 29A, west of Northcrest Drive. You'll also find a great trail head on the west side of 144 Street at 34 Avenue, which connects through to 140 Street - this is the best location to spot salmon in the park.

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