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Highlights from Surrey Steps Up

Surrey Steps Up is an annual opportunity to celebrate the amazing young people who are transforming our schools and communities. This year's successful event, which took place March 15, received over 30 submissions showcasing how youth are contributing to the movement of positivity.

The whole event was a memorable experience. Here are just a few of the many highlights of Surrey Steps Up 2019.

City of Surrey Councillor Doug Elford

City of Surrey Councillor Doug Elford, School District 36 Trustee Laurie Larsen, and Surrey RCMP Inspector Wendy Mehat expressed their support and appreciation for Surrey’s youth. Leaders such as these hold a space for young leaders to grow and learn. With their collaboration and support, Surrey youth initiatives have been more successful than ever before.

Rochelle Prasad

Keynote speaker Rochelle Prasad co-founded and co-leads Camp WE Empower. She inspired the audience with her stories and reminded us that “Age doesn’t matter when it comes to making a difference." Youth have the capacity to become leaders, regardless of their age.

Holly Elementary’s and Sullivan Heights' Dance Teams

Holly Elementary’s Dance Team and Sullivan Heights’ Junior and Senior Dance Teams hyped up the audience with their high-energy performances. Holly started off with a performance that reflected empowerment and resiliency. Sullivan showed us the power of music and art though community-building in their performance.

DJ Beatdrop

DJ Beatdrop spun music throughout the day that got the crowd pumped. It was great to see so many Surrey youth enjoying the music and sharing the positive energy. Cheers of support and encouragement rang out for those willing to show off their best dance moves.

RCMP Volunteers

A huge thank you to the RCMP volunteers who took time out of their day to come and support Surrey youth. They served up delicious pizza and had a chocolate fountain that kept the crowd in good spirits all evening.

Surrey Step Up Planning Team

The Surrey Steps Up youth planning team of 2019 did a fantastic job. Dedicating their time and passion, they were able to put together this inspiring event. They have been meeting every other Friday night since September to brainstorm ideas on how to create a fun and exciting event for everyone. They surpassed their goals, resulting in a highly successful event.

Missed the event?

Don’t worry – we’re just getting started! Stay up to date with Surrey’s social media and news and updates to know when the next event will be.

Looking to be part of the movement? A great place to start is with Surrey’s own youth programs including Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad, Youth Events Squad and Community Art.