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Volunteering leads to local love story at the Seniors Centre

Nora and Lorne

Nora moved to Surrey from Montreal in the summer of 1995.  Her sister lived here, but she missed having friends of her own in her community.  On a visit to the library one day, she noticed the Seniors Centre next door.  Never one to shy away from meeting new people, Nora joined as a member, and in as little as two weeks she was volunteering as a cashier and helping out in the kitchen. She enjoyed the computer group and walking group where she made many friends.  She then started her 12 year career with the advisory board. 

Lorne had recently retired and was looking for things to do after retirement.  One day he took a long walk and found the Seniors Centre.  Originally joining with his now late wife, he started taking computer courses.  Soon after, he started volunteering as a teacher for the course. He met Nora in 2002, when she asked him for a donation.

Joining the Seniors Centre was the best thing that ever happened to them.

In the five years that proceeded, both Nora and Lorne were both actively involved in the advisory board, planned many of the special events, and enjoyed barbecuing for their friends and running BINGO. 

In the fall of 2007, their friendship blossomed into a romance, and they are now celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary this year.  They are partners in life and as volunteers at the Newton Seniors Centre. When Nora isn’t able to take on a role, Lorne steps in to help and vice versa.

Nora and Lorne say joining the Seniors Centre was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Nora’s favourite memory was addressing everyone at the Grand Opening of the expansion of the Newton Seniors Centre in 2005, which she helped fundraise for. Lorne's favourite and funniest memory was a Robbie Burns dinner at the Centre when he carried in the haggis, in spite of hating the smell of it! Lorne also learned so much about computers that he and Nora now create the monthly newsletter for the complex they live in.

Nora and Lorne can still be found volunteering weekly at the Seniors Centre.  They say it has given them a sense of belonging, a place to meet new friends and give back to the community.

We asked Lorne and Nora for their secrets to a happy marriage. They told us:

  • laugh a lot (which we do!)
  • share everything
  • don’t go to bed mad at each other
  • be good and kind to each other

Happy Valentines Day, Nora and Lorne.  We thank-you for all your work within our community and for making the Newton Seniors Centre a place where everyone feels welcome!