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The Nature of Our Country

Artwork by Morgan McLean and Thomas Bueking

The Nature of Our Country

Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher St

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Ground floor


Arts Community Hosted

South Surrey


Presented by:

Morgan McLean and Thomas Bueking

Image credit: artwork by Morgan McLean and Thomas Bueking

This exhibition showcases the beauty of our country and the lower mainland of which we are lucky to live in. Our show uses various forms of medium to show the various landscapes, places , and animals that are native to Canada. People who come to this exhibit will see different forms of art from realistic landscapes to abstract butterfly wings that all tie back into our nationality. They will see materials used in the paintings such as flower petals used to make some paints. Our goal with these paintings is to connect people who live in the lower mainland to their homes, and the nature and animals they share this beautiful country with.

Featuring Morgan McLean and Thomas Bueking.

Exhibition Open March 7-16

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Monday 3-6pm
Tuesday 3-6pm
Saturday 12-4pm

Artist Talk + Demo

Saturday, March 7 at 12pm. Discouver how to use flower petals in your paint.

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