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Contemporary Canadian Landscape

Artwork by Sheila Van Delft

Contemporary Canadian Landscape

Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher St

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Ground Floor

Saturdays and Sundays

Jessica Spanza

Arts Community Hosted

South Surrey


Presented by:

Shiela Van Delft, Adam Plottel, & Jessica Spanza

Image Credit: Artwork by Shiela Van Delft

This exhibition explores modern landscape from the perspective of local artists. In this show you will be able to explore concepts of environmental sustainability, growth, human relationship to land, and changes to land over time. The art featured in this show focuses on the human presence in the modern landscape. Between the three artists, they cover the issues of natural beauty and destruction, coexistence between humans and the natural environment, and people’s creation of their own landscape.

Adam Plottel’s work captures the feeling of being outside at night. His nighttime scenes enhance the human presence in an environment through his use of light. This kind of landscape might be more familiar to many who live in the lower mainland.

Jessica Spanza is an artist who is looking at how land can be built upon and repurposed to help humans. She looks at the coexistence of different types of landscapes, both natural and manmade.

In Sheila Van Delft’s work, she talks about shrinking green space, over-development, and the loss of habitat. She recognizes the damage that can be done if we are not careful and reminds us that we need to be good stewards of this earth that is entrusted to us.

We invite you to think about your own relationship to the environment, especially your hopes, fears, and fond memories.

Exhibition Open from February 7-17

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Friday-Monday, 12-4pm

Artist Demo

Saturday, February 8, 2pm
Artist Sheila Van Delft will do a half hour demonstration on Acrylic Landscape Painting, concentrating on painting the local environment in an impressionistic style.

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