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Discretion of Internal Turmoil

Artist WInniw Williamson at work painting

Discretion of Internal Turmoil

Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher St

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Ground Floor

Amiee Risby

Arts Community Hosted

South Surrey


Presented by:

Amiee Risby & Winnie Williamson

Image credit: artist Winnie Williamson at work painting

This pop-up will engage the community by providing an important platform that talks about historic and present issues with interactive qualities from the sculptures. “Discretion of internal turmoil” is meant to put these works on the spot and provide a space for the audience to accept their own internal turmoil while being confronted with someone else’s distress. The acceptance of this work is at the discretion of the viewer therefor, meant to provide a context that is open to discussion amongst peers. The sculptures within this exhibition are attempting to reclaim the lost appreciations of a healthy average frame. Celebrating the everyday figure through this series of work focusing on mental health rather than the likeness of that which is usually depicted. The organic shapes, both attached and free formed, are interpretations of the incapacitating negative thoughts that can be reversed into self-compassionate views.

Exhbition is open February 21-Mar 1

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Wednesday-Friday, 10am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday, 12-4pm

Closing Event + Artist Talk

February 20, 1pm
Artists talks and discussion at 1:30pm

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